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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is CARA?
    Central Adoption Resource Authority is an autonomous body under the Ministry of Women & Child Development, which functions as the Central Authority of the Government of India in matters related to adoptions.

  2. How to get my Foreign Adoption Agency enlisted by CARA?
    Please refer to Chapter VI of the Revised Guidelines of CARA available on our website and forward your application through our Embassy / High Commission for enlistment.

  3. Can I as a foreigner, adopt an Indian child?
    Yes. But you have to follow procedures laid down in Guidelines for Adoption from India 2006

  4. I am a foreigner – how do I adopt an Indian child?
    Your original application along with the prescribed documents should be forwarded by the Agency enlisted by CARA in your country to a Recognized Placement Agency in India.

  5. There is no Agency recognized by CARA in my country . What do I do?
    You may forward the application and related documents through concerned Government Department/ Ministry of your country to CARA .

  6. How long does it take to complete an inter country adoption?
    It takes 4 to 6 months to complete the process of an inter-country adoption after a suitable adoptable child is identified.

  7. What is NOC?
    NOC is a “No Objection Certificate" issued by Central Adoption Resource Agency for a child to be placed in Inter-country adoption with a particular parent / parents.

  8. How long does it take for a NOC to be issued? Is there any fee for it?
    If all papers are in order and complete, it will not take more than 10 – 15 days to issue a NOC. There are no fees chargeable for it.

  9. Where can I know the status of my child’s NOC?
    You can approach the Indian Placement Agency from where you have accepted the Child.

  10. What are the chargeable fees for inter-country adoptions?
    In inter-country adoption, an adoption fee of a fixed amount of US$3500 or its equivalent in Indian rupees will be payable by the adoptive parents to the Recognised Indian Placement Agencies through EFAA or a central authority.

  11. Do I have to visit India to complete the adoption process?
    No, it is the responsibility of Indian Placement Agency to complete the necessary process and formalities in India.

  12. Is there a form for renewal of enlistment of foreign Agencies?
    There is no prescribed application form for renewal of enlistment of foreign Agencies. But you should send your application through Indian Embassy / High Commission in accordance with Rule no. 6.4 of the Revised Guidelines.

  13. Are Non-Resident Indians given any preference in inter-country adoption?
    Yes. As per the Revised Guidelines, the order of preference for adoption of Indian children is :-
    1. Indian citizens living in India
    2. Indian citizens living abroad
    3. Both Parents of Indian origin abroad
    4. One parent of Indian origin abroad
    5. Foreign families
    (The above order of preference may undergo a change in the near future as a proposal to include PIO/OCI is under consideration)

  14. Where can I get a list of Indian & Foreign Agencies recognized by CARA
    You can access CARA’s website, i.e. www.adoptionindia.nic.in for such information.

  15. Is there an age limit for prospective adoptive parents?
    Prospective Adoptive Parents having composite age of 90 years or less can adopt infants and young children. In case of older and special needs children, the upper age limit can be relaxed based on the merits of the case.)

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  16. What is the ciretia for eligibility of children?
    1. The child must be legally free for adoption.
    2. Clearance from ACA is mandatory for inter-country adoptions.
    3. Siblings/twins/triplets cannot be separated except in exceptional cases.
    4. Two unrelated children cannot be proposed to a foreign family at a time.
    5. A child may as far as possible be placed in adoption before it reaches the age of 12.
    6. The consent of the child above 6 years should be taken for the adoption.
    7. Age difference of the adoptive parents and child should be 21 years or more.

  17. I am an Indian staying in India. Where can I register?
    You can register with a Sishu Greh or a Placement Agency or an Adoption Coordinating Agency.

  18. I am an Indian staying abroad. Where can I register?
    You can register with a RIPA/EFAA/Central Authority/Govt. Deptt..

  19. I am a PIO staying at present in India. Where can I register?
    You can register with a RIPA.

  20. I am a PIO staying abroad at present. Where can I register?
    You can register with EFAA/Central Authority/concerned Government Department.

  21. I am a foreigner staying in India over 1 year. Where can I register?
    You can register with RIPA in India

  22. I am a foreigner. Where can I register?
    You can register with EFAA/Central Authority/concerned Government Department.

  23. I am from Bangalore. Can I adopt a child from a Delhi based agency?
    Yes, you can. You may also contact Adoption Coordinating Agency of a respective city / State for further details.

  24. What is HAMA, GAWA & JJ Act?
    HAMA - Hindu Adoption and Maintenance Act, 1956. Hindus, including Sikhs, Jains & Buddhists can adopt under this Act.
    GAWA - is Guardians And Wards Act, 1890. Foreigners and non-Hindus can resort to this Act for the purpose of guardianship.
    Under Juvenile Justice(Care & Protection of Children) Act(2000 amended in 2006), a child of either sex can be given in adoption by the court to a person irrespective of his/her marital status and number of biological or adopted children.

  25. I have a biological male child. Can I adopt second male child under HAMA?
    No. You can adopt under JJ Act(2000 amended in 2006)

  26. I would like to adopt a Special needs child. Can you help me?
    In case of inter-country adoption, you may contact EFAA/Central Authority/concerned Government Department and in case of domestic adoption, you may contact a Sishu Greh or a Placement Agency or an Adoption Coordinating Agency.

  27. Is there any policy in relation to length of the time one must be married before being eligible to adopt a child?
    The couple should preferably have been married for at least 5 years .

  28. Can I adopt an older child?
    Yes, you can. Please also refer to reply to Q. No 16.

  29. Can a single person adopt in India?
    Yes, provided you are not more than 45 years.

  30. What are the documents required for domestic adoption?
    Please see Annexure VIII of the In-country Guidelines

  31. What are the documents required for inter-country adoption?
    Please see Annexure 2 of the Guidelines for Adoption from India 2006.

  32. What is your e-mail address?
    Our e-mail Address is cara@bol.net.in

  33. Can I have your complete postal address, Tel No. E-mail Address & web site?

    Central Adoption Resource Agency
    West Block 8, Wing-2, IInd Floor,
    R.K. Puram, New Delhi -110 066, India.
    Ph. 091-011- 26106725, 26106783, 26105346, 26180196
    E-mail : cara@bol.net.in
    Website: www.adoptionindia.nic.in

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